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Africa in Diafani

July 2007

We have another new bar on the beach next to Ilias' lovely bar. It is run by women. The eldest sister sings rembetika very well. She is professional. Then there is Maria who has opened an ouzeria next to Gabriella. In Michaelis his daughter Evangaleia is coming to the fore. A monstrous regiment of bar kepers

Last night we had music in Michaelis.

A Brazillian rastafarian, Fabbio playing cymbals, Christo on guitar, Evangelia and Michalis on lyra, Michalis singing and Georgos on lute. Brazillian /Diafani reggae fusion. At the end of one song where Georgos had been pounding away, keeping up an amazing rhythm Fabbio leapt up and pointed at Georgos

Africa he shouted, Africa.

He was right. African in a small Greek village. Can't be bad