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We get E-mails

November 2006
Am writing to say how much my wife and I have enjoyed your book Tales From a Greek Island.
Indeed , we think you have captured the essence of what it is to be Greek better than any other western author we have read.

The book is just like sitting in a cafeneon , listening to the old men talk.

I especially liked the story about dying; you are so right  that we in the west don’t handle death well at all.

And the story of the British Officer who was on Crete, and met up with his signaller from the nearby mountian brought tears to my eyes.

David M

I read your book with tremendous interest. It is now being passed around to close friends who have been to the Dodecanese, Cyclades and other Greek islands.

For the past fifteen years, we have devoted at least one visit per year to Greece. Your book did much to broaden our insight.

Being psychologists, we are naturally very attentive and sensitive to the "storying" which is very much a fact of life.

 Your book read like a delicate painting of the very human souls all around you. I was very touched by the way you managed to deal with the duality of urban life and life in a community threatened by the less desirable elements of mankind's urbanized existence.

Albert E

I am going to recommend this book to some friends of mine, whose opinion I trust, because I am curious to see how much my enjoyment of your fascinating and sympathetic description of life on a Greek island was due to me actually being there while reading the stories.

Padraig A. C

Your book made the holiday a lot more enjoyable knowing a bit more of the background

Allan H

What a great writer! His love for the place is evident. ........
I would love to go to Greece one day. I fell in love with it after reading Charmian Clifts wonderful books. Maybe one day....


I only read a few words of the sample chapter on the website (www.racinghouse.co.uk) before I decided shelf space must be found for this book, alongside the works of Lawrence Durrell and Patrick Leigh Fermor. And the book lived up to every expectation. Each chapter is really a story in itself, so you can pick it up, and delve into it at random, as bedside reading, if you wish. And, what stories! Tales of fishing, of bee-keeping, diving and the village in particular. The village isnt identified, presumably to preserve its unspoilt ethos, but it doesnt take too much detective work to find it.
Twenty-five years of experience, of living in the village, and really getting to know the villagers have all combined with some excellent, descriptive writing to give a great flavour of Greece as it used to be & and, if you know where to look, in a few isolated places & it still is!
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I don't know whether it's the sound of the waves filling your ears or the never-ending rythm of your village that gives you your clear sight, but thanks for it anyway, thanks for sharing your reality.

Kind regards


I am hooked on “The American Ikaros” and the “Tales of a Greek Island”. I am not a literary critic. So I can only tell you, how much I like the way you look at people. In plus you never offend. And if I compare your descriptions of nature with those of Kevin Andrews, I consider them as equally superb.