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Notable Birds of North Karpathos and Saria

February 2012
Some birds I have seen

The area is important for passerines and large birds moving between Africa and Europe. In the springtime, depending on the direction of the wind, a steady stream of small and large birds can be seen heading north. The large birds use the wind and the action of the waves and fly without effort. Some times from the headland (sto pharos) you can observe a steady steram of raptors. Once I saw Bubo Bubo (Eagle owl) one metre above the waves heading towards Vananda and taking avoiding action from an eagle (species unknown but perhaps Hieraaetus pennatus (Booted)) that seemed half its size.

In order; Name, Location, Comments

Bubo Bubo (Eagle owl) sto pharo going north
Buteo Rufinus (Long Legged Buzzard) Diafani to Forokli Seen Avlona. Used to breed south of Diafani

Hieraaetus fasciatus (Bonelli Eagle) Avlona, Olymbos, Saria, Steno Nests south Saria and ? west of Avlona. Hides in trees to hunt birds.

Falco Eleonorae (Eleanora's Falcon) Mostly north of Diafani and around Saria, especially sto cabo and Alimounda. About 500 pairs. In the daytime they go inland eg Avlona, to hunt, drink freshwater and bath in freshwater. In the evening they return to the coast to hunt passerines. They breed late, timing the births to coincide with the autumn migration which starts in September. The adults hunt at night forming a net several kilometres out to sea. Mating ritual in July, hunting in august, teach young to fly September. Most of them travel to Madagascar for the winter, returning to Karpathos in April. Reputedly some stay behind.

Falco peregrinus (Peregrine falcon) Diafani, Olymbos, sto cabo (among the Eleanora's) Often seen in pairs.

Falco tinnunculus (Kestral) Diafani Often seen in village at dusk. Nests near the school.

Falco naumanni (Lesser kestral) Cliffs north of Diafani Rare

Falco vespertinus (Red footed falcon) Sto Cabo Roosts amongst Eleanora's. Rare

Falco biarmicus (Lanner falcon) Diafani to Papa Minas Rarely sighted
Corvus corax (Raven) Diafani, Avlona, Steno, Calamnia One flock has about 30 birds. probably young. Pairs are territorial. Very large. Passerine.

Apus pallidus (Pallid swift) Kamara and other caves on the east side of Karpatos and Saria. West side? Big cave Saria?

Larus melanocephalus (Mediterranean gull) Breeds on Amoi (? better check) Common, widespread

larus cachinaus (Yellow legged gull) Breeds on Amoi (? better check) Common, widespread

Laurus Audouinnii (Adouin's gull) Sometimes solitary pair seen in Diafani. Isolated, nests on cliffs eg Mavri petra Rare. Red beak, grey-green legs. Larger than Mediterranean.

Alcedo atthis ( Common kingfisher) One pair in every bay in later September/October for two weeks. Not seen in Springtime

Bubulcus Ibis (Cattle egret) Springtime going north on East side, Diafani to Alimounda Few. Threatened by the cats at Vananda.

Ardeola ralloides (Squacco heron) ditto Diafani (sto potamos) Flies at night. Few

Egretta garzetta (Little egret) ditto Few. Threatened by the cats at Vananda.

Egretta alba (Great egret) ditto Few

Ardea Cinerea (Grey heron) ditto, but linger around Alona. ? breed

Ardea purpurea (Purple heron) ditto Few

Ciconia ciconia (Stork) ditto. Also Avlona. Once or twice

Platalea leucorodia (Spoonbill) ditto Few

Ardea goliath (Goliath heron) ditto Huge bird. One pair seen one year

Pelecanus Crispus (Pelican) Diafani 3 or 4 times When food is scarce due to bad weather. Fed by fishermen. Become domesticated.

Phalacorakas carbo (Cormorant) Forokli to N Saria Dark feet Fishes

Phalacorakas aristotelis (Shag) Ditto Often yellow feet

Des marestii(?)

Pandion haliaetus (Osprey) East Saria, Diafani bay Fishes off Diafani. Appears in autumn going
South. Flies with wings at high angle.

Tyto alba (Barn owl) Diafani, Avlona Eats rats and mice

Athena noctua (Little owl) Alimounda In the autumn

Otus scops (Scops owl) Diafani Heard at night in the spring

Caprimulgidae (Nightjar) Diafani cemetry and sto potamo

Cuculidae (Cuckoo) Beaches South of Diafani Years ago I found several exhausted cuckoos along the riverbed at Country. Also Avlona

Upupa epops (Hoopoe) Cliff tops towards Vananda and to papa Minas Spring and autumn

Merops apiaster (Bee eaters) Arrive in spring and gradually go north to Alimounda. Return in the autumn. Easier to ear than to see.

Oriolus oriolus (Golden oriole) Diafani, Vananda and Ag Konstantinos Rarely seen, easy to recognise

Alopechan aegyptiacus (Egyptian goose) Forokli to Ag Minas Solitary

Calonectris diomedea (Cory's sherwater) Off shore 5pm and later heading north More than 200 going north daily. Where do they nest? Also solitary around Steno in calm weather

Puffinus yelkouan (Mediterannean shearwater) Off shore south of Diafani Fewer than Cory's

Hybrobates pelagicus (storm petrel) Off shore in rough weather Rare

Monticola solitarius (Blue rock thrush) Sings early morning and evening A dozen pair around Diafani. Others along the cliffs of Karpathos and Saria

Ptynoprogne rupestris (Crag martin) Diafani and to pharo Spring. Suffer from cats.

Delicos urbicha (House martin) Flocks mixed with above Ditto

Alectoris chukar (Chukar) Mountains and Cliff tops Saria and North Karpathos

Himantopus himantopus (Black-winged stilt) The rocks in Diafani Four seen first time Spring 2009

Actitis hypoleucos (Common sandpiper) Shore Diafani and Alimounda Spring. Solitary

Tringa ochropus (Green Sandpiper) ditto Ditto

Chlidonias hybridus (Whiskered tern) Diafani harbour Ditto