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Triumph of our Frogs

Triumph for Our Frogs

May 2012
The department of Environment of the Aegean University recently held a conference in Mytilene. The title was the Management of Protected Areas
A presentation of "The Karpathos Frog (Pelophylax cerigensis) and the Management Agency of Karpathos and Saria" was greeted with rapture by the 100 or so professors and students present. They applauded at the end and are quoted as saying they had no idea we had a unique frog as well as a rare and unique salamander.

The paper was written by Pakaki V., Pylara A., Jinkinson, R., Prearis G. and Kontaxi Ch. It will be the first of several.

We have several rare or endemic species in N Karpathos and Saria and there will be increased interest in what we have and how it is protected. Each year more tourists will come to visit the natural riches of the island.
Currently up to 100 tourists a year are attracted to Diafani by the diverse and interesting bird life, botanists and zoologists will follow.