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Sometimes Things Work Out

July 2008

Drinking my morning lifesaver (cafe latte ) in Gabriella's,   I watch Kosmas sitting quietly in the corner writing mantinades.  I start to think about lunch.  That's how tough it is here. 

Along comes Georgos'  mother.  She has a bowl of patsas for me.  I will spare the squeamish,  but for the anatomically minded try googling  p  a   t   s   a   s.

Forget the eggs she says,  just heat it up  and eat with good  bread and a squeeze of lemon.  

I set off homeward with my bowl,   wondering where I can get bread and whether it is worth climbing to the top of the hill to pick lemons.  It is windy and as I turn  down the little lane on the way to my house  I see a  a lemon  rolling towards me.  Small but juicy and perfect.  

I pocket the lemon.  

Suddenly Vassillis from the Anixis starts shouting.

Ella dw  ella dw

Come here.  Come here.

When Vassilis shouts,  you listen.  So I go  close.

Take this bread, he tells me 

 Artos,   from the church.  There was a festival this morning.

I laugh

Why are you laughing?  he asks

I tell him of the patsas and the search for lemon and bread.

O theos enai megalos.  I tell him.

And surely it is true,   he tells me

God is great.